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1Day, 1 Bucket, 7 Florists

A style for everyone.

We are lucky here at The Wedding Co. to have an amazing group of Toronto florists members of our talented wedding community.

To showcase their unique style we challenged them to create a stunning arrangement with a bucket of flowers we provided them. The great part about this challenge was all the florists received the same flowers, had the same amount of time to design their arrangement and we photographed them in the exact same way.

The results of this friendly challenge were so insightful to each florists personality and talent. If you are looking for a florist for your wedding, the arrangements featured below will give you a wonderful starting point.

Click to see the complete list of The Wedding Co. florists.

Left side top to bottom:
1. Willow & Stems
2. Forever Wildfield
3. Rosehill
4. Hunt and Gather

Right side top to bottom:
1. Petite Studio
2. Thorn Florals
3. Opening Night Flowers

Photography: When He Found Her
Table: Susan Findlay

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