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A Sweet City Hall Wedding

We love City Hall weddings!

Iryna and Tom were high school sweethearts! They dated until college, then they went their separate ways. 10 years later, Iryna and Tom re-connected and have been together ever since!

The proposal: Tom is a very outdoorsy guy (which has since rubbed off on Iryna) and for their 2nd date he took Iryna to a park in Hamilton, Dundas Peak. It was her first time there and she fell in love with how beautiful it was. This has since become one of their favourite places to go to, and this is what sparked the outdoorsy side in Iryna as well. Needless to say, on one of their hikes Tom and Iryna went out to the peak that overlooks the whole city and this is where he proposed.

Details: Iryna bought her flowers from the local Metro grocery store, and wrapped them herself. Tom wore a tux he already owned. Tom, Iryna, and their 28 guests had dinner after the ceremony at The Keg restaurant.