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A Wedding At Earth To Table Farm

Caitlin & Josh’s wedding at Earth To Table Farm.

Toronto wedding photographer Anastasia Giaouris from Olive Photography asked Caitlin & Josh about their perfect day..

1. What is your wedding theme?
Rustic romance. Our colours are blush, white and gold with a lot of greenery. Our venue is set on a stunning farm, so we didn’t want our wedding colours to overpower any of the natural beauty of the space.

2. What 3 words best describe your wedding?
Romantic, dreamy and fun.

3. Venue: What made this venue the one for you?
We looked at a few venues (which were all beautiful) but they didn’t feel very private. The moment we pulled up to The Farm, we knew it was “the one”. We were so giddy the wedding coordinator that met us there didn’t need to sell us on anything. We immediately asked what dates they had available and booked the only weekend left in the books. The team at Pearle Weddings have been so incredible, and have helped make this such an enjoyable planning experience.

4. Any words of advice for couples planning their wedding?
HAVE FUN! Enjoy every single little moment. It truly goes by SO fast and before you know it your wedding day is 1 month away (AH! We are so excited). Remember that it’s your day but be thankful for the friends and family who will dedicate so much of their time. Work together as a team, ask for help and don’t sweat the small stuff.