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A Wedding At Graydon Hall

Art Deco meets English Garden Party at Naomi & Denver’s Toronto wedding.

Toronto wedding photographer Nikki Mills asked her couple, Naomi and Denver about their beautiful wedding at Graydon Hall.

How did you choose your wedding vibe?
I love all things vintage and historical feeling, and Denver likes clean lines, and a more geometric look. With this in mind, the Art Deco era seemed like the perfect point of inspiration to fuse our aesthetics together, and we loved the idea of integrating the music of that era into the cocktail hour and reception. And since I adore flowers, the way I described what I wanted to vendors was: “I want it to look like Jay Gatsby is throwing an elegant English garden party.”

What was the most memorable part of the day?
Naomi: The were too many wonderful moment to pick just one! Being surrounded by my best friends as I got ready that morning, and my parents seeing me in my wedding dress for the first time were very special moments. And I will never forget seeing Denver’s face when I came into view and walked down the aisle towards him! Dancing with my Dad during the reception was also very emotional. Feeling so loved and so blessed as our families and friends gave hilarious and heartfelt speeches.

Denver: One of the most memorable parts of the day for me was between the ceremony and reception, when we had some time just the two of us, and our photographer. We walked through the gardens, and just got to be together. It felt natural, and we got to have a moment to ourselves to take in importance of the day and all the things we were feeling. And the photos from that part of the day are amazing!

Naomi: Also, looking around during the ceremony and reception, and seeing so many important people from so many eras and corners of our lives in one place was very special. We felt surrounded by love that day, and that made so many moments unforgettable.