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A Wedding At The Kortright Centre

Eitan and Rebecca share the beauty of the Kortright Centre

“Eitan and I met in high school, when we realized we both had our sights set on getting into OCAD University. Before we even began dating, I would drag Eitan to the Kortright Centre to show him one of my favourite places to escape from everything. Since then, it was a favourite date spot of ours.

Almost three years later, he proposed there, in the dense forest, in the midst of a heavy snowfall. It was obvious to both of us that Kortright was the place to have our wedding. We took to planning our wedding just like we would any design project, and we loved planning all the details.

Tired of the usual Jewish weddings of several hundred people, we found that Kortright was the perfect size venue to celebrate with the family and friends that were nearest and dearest to us. We also wanted to show our friends the beauty of Kortright – especially since many of them had not even been there before.

We were blessed with magnificent blue skies that day. We held the traditional pre-ceremony reception, the kabbalat panim, in the Glass House, where I first saw Eitan after being apart for a week. Our chuppah took place under the Cathedral of Trees, which was truly magical.

After dinner and dancing indoors, we treated our guests to a doughnut bar and sʼmores out on the balcony. I donʼt think we could have asked for anything better.”