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A Wedding At Toronto’s Sunnyside Pavilion

The clouds parted and sun came out.

A sunny day emerged just in time for the “I do”. Michelle Belsky of Magnolia Studios captured Carolyn and Matt’s sunny day at the historic Sunnyside Pavilion.

“Carolyn and Matt’s wedding was a beautiful purple and white, classic, rustic, wedding. Their vision was to have neutral colours with plenty of flowers and candles, and touches of rustic pieces throughout. Lush garlands of purple and white flowers filled the room, bringing the outdoors inside. They were laced in old hanging baskets, wooden rectangular boxes and a large rustic hanging centrepiece for the bridal table.

The dessert table was an elaborate tapestry of tiny edible artwork – so beautiful and intricate. Their wedding favours were a nod to their childhood trips to the St. Jacobs market in Waterloo, gifting their guests homemade jam jars. The ring bearers wore cute shirts that read ‘ring security.’”

From Carolyn and Matt: “We included many items in our wedding that were close to our hearts – photos of our lost family members, photos of our parents and grandparents on their wedding days, we also had Matt’s Uncle as our officiant, and our Grandmothers as our flower girls etc.

A memorable moment was the weather – it took a turn for the worse as we were getting ready. I had to be walked up to the ceremony area with a giant Heineken patio table umbrella to make sure my dress didn’t get soaked. I made it half way down the aisle and the rain just…stopped. The clouds parted, and the sun came out and continued to shine the rest of the afternoon.

We also loved the dance party. An old silly family tradition of ours is dancing in a giant circle to “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. When the song came on, every single guest made a giant circle around Matt and I and we all danced together to the entire song.”