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Alexandra & Ken, Engaged In Toronto

Toronto wedding photographer Laura Rowe captures love, laughter and truth.

“What I’ve grown to value about my experience as a photographer is the opportunity to let the world move me. I watch intimate relationships unfold around me, and quietly document the truth between the people I cross paths with.

If I were to try to describe Alexandra & Ken’s love, the word would be humble. Life seems to flow effortlessly around them, while they stay curled up in one another. Planning their engagement was quite simple. It wasn’t about the backdrop or the curating, it was about the emotion, the story, the truth. It was truly, about them. As real as it gets with these two.

After a thunderstorm interrupted our first attempt at this shoot, the second time around we were greeted by an unexpected autumn sunset. It’s what they deserved for this special day. They’re planning an intimate wedding in April, and I just know shooting it will feel like watching a classic romance movie – I can’t wait.

My favourite memory of the day, is the smirks and quiet laughs that happened anytime I told them to look at each other.”