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Ali & Sehrish’s Winter Anniversary Shoot

Cheers to Ali and Sehrish for taking the time to mark their 3rd wedding anniversary.

Ali and I have been happily married for almost three years, though with all the stuff we’ve managed to do together, it feels like a lifetime already!

We first met more than 10 years ago when we were young and busy with our own social circles – we didn’t even say much to each other back then! But over time, our families got closer, and gave us the opportunity (and excuse) to start chatting, which then led to connecting, and next thing you know, a number of years of laughter and tears together (but mostly laughter ), we’re celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary together!

We knew we wanted it to be special so we figured we’d celebrate it with a photoshoot with our favourite couples photographer, Anita from Rhythm Photography . We wanted our theme to be “magical and timeless” and nothing says that better than an enchanted forest! After searching through a number of possible locations and getting suggestions, we chose to have our shoot done at the Kortright Centre for Conservation in Vaughan. One look at the uniquely elegant and tall trees and we were won over. We had already done shoots in the summer and fall before, so this would be a perfect chance to have a winter shoot as well. It was amazing! The light powder-puff of snow was the perfect touch to a wonderful winter photoshoot!

What I, Sehrish, love most about Ali is his patience! He takes the time to listen to me and guide me whenever I need him most. He never reacts without thinking about things first and I’m glad I have someone like him by my side because it balances me out!

As for me, Ali, I love Sehrish for her unending support and loyalty for me, through thick and thin. I occasionally have a lot of doubts about myself and my ambitions, but she is always there for me, pushing me forward and helping me achieve my potential. I know I can drive her crazy with my hesitation and over-thinking of things, and without her “just do it” attitude, I’d be a stick in the mud. I believe she’s saved my life over and over!

Photography: Rhythm Photography
Location: Kortright Centre for Conservation

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