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Kenneth, a dentist and director of Wedge Curatorial Projects, and Sarah, a museum consultant, met through their love of art. Here is their story, and their beautiful wedding photos by Rebecca Wood.

In Sarah’s words. “We first met at the Burroughs building on Queen Street – it was the last day of the Wedge Curatorial Projects 2007 retrospective catalogue launch. I happened to stop by with a friend to see the exhibition, and ended up chatting with Kenneth and asking if I could work with Wedge. We then worked together coordinating exhibitions and managing the art project until about a year and a half later, when we realized that spending time together wasn’t work at all.”

Most memorable moments:

“There were a lot of funny and unexpected things that happened that day – being surprised by my dad who drove me to the Schoolhouse in a family friend’s yellow Porsche; totally forgetting about our wedding cake and walking down Queen Street in my wedding dress to pick it up from Dufflet minutes before they closed. I think I was most surprised by how much fun we had. Everyone warned us that the day would go by in a blur, but we really stayed in the moment and enjoyed every bit. I was also surprised by the fact that – despite having 150 friends witness our vows – it really felt like it was just Kenneth and I.”

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The after party… photos by Yannick Anton

Gladstone_1 Gladstone_2 Gladstone_3 Gladstone_4 Gladstone_5

Photos: Rebecca Wood

Venue: Enoch Turner Schoolhouse

Dress: Carmen Marc Valvo, from Neiman Marcus

Shoes: Celebration Shoes

Accessories: Bride’s mother

Ken’s suit: Marlon Durrant 

Hair: Ronnie Dag

Bridesmaids dresses: various

Stationery: Lauren Wickware

Flowers: Sage Designs

Catering: Herrera’s

Cake: Dufflet, Jamaican rum cakes by groom’s cousin

DJ: Dave Campbell



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