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Barefoot Bohemian Autumn Love

A rustic, peaceful, romantic style shoot by a group of very talented vendors.

Toronto wedding photographer Emily Jean Photography describes this beautiful shoot.

“Our vision was to use the interior of a beautiful white barn as our blank canvas, and transform it into a beautiful backdrop for our shoot by using beautiful vintage pieces, furniture and a breath taking couple.

Our team envisioned vintage meets modern joyful fall boho celebration of young love, inspired by those lovely, unexpectedly warm fall days. We were very fortunate to be able to create a romantic, rustic yet modern atmosphere, using an organic, earthy colour palette in harmony with the natural environment. From the carefully crafted invitations, written in a beautiful free-flowing style, to the simple yet elegant cake, the exquisite wooden accents, the lace, macrame and the feathers, and the natural flowers and vines, it all came together beautifully.

The overall feel was rustic, peaceful, romantic, simple and natural. The horses provided a wonderful connection to the natural environment, adding a lovely touch to a day filled with elements to balance body, mind and spirit.”