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I saw one of these photos on Toronto wedding photographer, Marc Koecher’s, instagram account and just had to feature the rest of the shoot.

From Marc, “Darryl and Keri’s VW Beetle is a “labour of love”. They keep it in great shape…unfortunately it was having problems running that day. Every time we turned it off it was a gamble whether we needed to give it a boost again. This was all part of the fun and it gave the car even more character. Their sweet dog didn’t seem to care, he just sat back and enjoyed the ride.”

Darryl and Keri are getting married at 2nd Floor Events this summer, will the Beetle will get them to the wedding on time, you will have to wait to find out.

VW_Beetle_engagement_13VW_Beetle_engagement_14VW_Beetle_engagement_1 VW_Beetle_engagement_2 VW_Beetle_engagement_3 VW_Beetle_engagement_4 VW_Beetle_engagement_5 VW_Beetle_engagement_6 VW_Beetle_engagement_7VW_Beetle_engagement_8VW_Beetle_engagement_9VW_Beetle_engagement_10VW_Beetle_engagement_11VW_Beetle_engagement_12Photography: MKPhotographics

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