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Bluffer’s Park Engagement Shoot

Wedding photographer, Caroline Maunder, describes Leslie & Simon’s engagement session.

“We met before the sun rose at 7:40am. It was a chilly October fall morning and the clouds were thick in the sky. The Bluff’s were silent, we were alone with just the sound of the Canadian geese to keep us company.

My couple had never been to the the Scarborough Bluff’s before so it was a great adventure for them as we set off into the beautiful forest walkways and paths. They had no idea what to expect as the scenery was constantly changing with every turn.

As the sun rose we gained such stunning golden glows. The location and route I choose sweeps through fall coloured trees, to rocky paths over which storm waters flow, into muddy raw paths and then finally we end up on the secluded sandy beach with incredible cliffs and Lake Ontario as our backdrop.

Leslie and Simon were so connected and organic in their love for each other. It made it so easy to capture their love story and raw emotions. They have great style and taste. Simon is a musician and so had been in front of the camera before. They were just a dream to photograph, with their edgy wardrobe that blended perfectly with the shoot location to their chemistry and real connection.