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Celebrating One Year Married

It’s important we not only celebrate one your wedding day but….

…we celebrate all the milestones after.

Donna and Rob enlisted Anastasia Giaouris from Olive Photography to capture their first anniversary doing what they love to do together the most, cooking. Donna describes the shoot…

…”Rob I decided to celebrate our mini milestone in our own special way – a styled shoot preserving things we did a lot this year. One of them was definitely cooking! Eating in has helped us save a lot of money, but we challenged ourselves to try many new recipes so we wouldn’t get bored of eating the same thing over and over again. We’ve made everything from Shrimp Nachos, Korean BiBimBap, to Chicken a la King. Thus, it only made sense to cook our favourite meal – Maple Salmon with Roasted Seasonal Vegetables. Since we also got our first herb pot this year, our florist was kind enough to integrate Lemon Tarragon and Greek Oregano from her own herb garden into the bouquet because she knew how much we enjoyed the culinary arts.

The inspiration behind this shoot can be summarized by the phrase “When Summer Meets Autumn”. Taken on the day connecting summer and autumn, the shoot ingrates elements that highlight both seasons in their core. The festive succulent ferris wheel, and thyme twigs trimmed from our herb plant represent the livelihood of summer. The seasonal pumpkins, favourite handpicked honey crisp apples, and a fragrant maple syrup soy candle burning in the background truly allow us to feel the season of harvest come upon us.

It was so lovely chasing golden hour at Riverdale Park. Mother Nature seemed to agree with the shoot theme Summer was Meeting Fall outdoors. The weather felt like summer, yet some leaves were starting to turn red, it couldn’t be more perfect. We decided to include things like an elaborate bouquet, floral arch, and a new suit which included one of our favourite Bible versus. This was special because we didn’t spend much on these areas last year on our wedding, and it was a good “makeup” opportunity. Overall, our first year of marriage has been very good. What a privilege it’s been to share all these memories together. We are so thankful, and can’t wait for many more to come.”