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CTV News Co-anchor Michelle Dubé Is Getting Married!

Exactly four months from today, anchor of CTV’s News at Noon and News and Six, Michelle Dubé, will walk down the aisle to marry her fiancé, Mark.

I had the opportunity to ask Michelle what had been the hardest decision so far in the planning process, and her answer was not surprising, but that fact that she and Mark haven’t resolved it yet might be a little concerning. I will let Michelle explain: (please don’t do this for your wedding)

“I thought it might be tough to find a venue, or perhaps pick a dress, but it’s now very clear the hardest part of this whole crazy planning process is deciding on the guest list.

We made a silly mistake booking the venue without actually counting how many people we’d be inviting. When we tallied all our guests and their ‘plus ones’, we were way off! Turns out I have a bigger family than I thought. For instance, my one grandmother made a list of people she’d like to invite and there were 70 people on it; my other grandma’s list had 67 people on it.

So, I came up with a rule to help make cuts: “if they don’t know my fiancé’s name after having been with him for eight years, they can’t come”. I thought it was genius, however my very involved mother fully disagrees. She views the wedding as an opportunity to reconnect with long lost loved ones (she had 550 guests at hers!?)

Ultimately, we’re going to have to make some tough decisions … but not yet! I’m content putting this task off for as long as possible.”

Tune into The Co. blog on June 21, three months before Michelle’s big day to find out who made the cut, and who didn’t.

Michelle Dube wedding

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