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Dark Elegance

Tired of White? Have you considered wearing black for your engagement shoot or wedding? Here is a little inspiration submitted by The Love Studio.

“The inspiration for this shoot came from the mix of dark, elegant and industrial elements of Europe in the 1940s. We looked back on family photos and noticed the dark elegance was only highlighted by an urban industrial context. This is why we chose Toronto’s waterfront, and a stark industrial landscape at sunset.”

Black Lace Inspiratio_1 Black Lace Inspiratio_2 Black Lace Inspiratio_3 Black Lace Inspiratio_4 Black Lace Inspiratio_5 Black Lace Inspiratio_20Black Lace Inspiratio_6 Black Lace Inspiratio_7 Black Lace Inspiratio_21Black Lace Inspiratio_22Black Lace Inspiratio_7a Black Lace Inspiratio_7bBlack Lace Inspiratio_9 Black Lace Inspiratio_10 Black Lace Inspiratio_11 Black Lace Inspiratio_14

Concept & photography: The Love Studio

Flower Design: Kate MacKenzie Weddings

Style Consultant: Amy Patel, Les Best

Makeup: Sarah Major

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