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Design Your Save The Date

You have set your wedding budget and date, booked a venue, made appointments to try on dresses and meet with photographers. Now you can tackle your save the dates cards.

I love the idea of sending out a save the date. It sets the tone for the wedding and is a nice way to give friends and family from out of town a chance to organize their trip. It’s also a fun way for couples to get their creative juices flowing and begin thinking about their wedding’s overall look and feel.

There are a few ways to spread the word:

Snail Mail: You can make your own traditional card or have a stationer design them. If you go with the latter, choose a stationer with the intention of using him or her for your invitations, as well, so that the look and feel are the same. In other words, set the right tone from the beginning.

Save The Date Cards By: Love The Design

Email: There are a few great sites out there — and are a couple worth checking out — that allow you to create and send beautiful save the dates quickly and economically. You’ll be restricted by the number of designs to choose from but if you need to spread the word quickly, this is a great option.

Email Save The Date By:

Video: For those looking to do something different, create a save the date video that you can upload onto YouTube and email. This will definitely take some planning and help from a few friends, but the possibilities are endless and the results memorable.

Save the Date: Blair and Maggie from Squid and Beard on Vimeo.

Whatever you decide to do remember to have fun, get creative and have fun spreading the news.

Stop by The Wedding Show next weekend, January 14-16, to meet some of the best stationers in the city.

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