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Elegant Garden Theme Wedding

A chic, elegant garden theme wedding with white florals and lush greenery.

Andrea and Louie’s love of forested backdrops and vintage charm, made them fall completely in love with The Doctor’s House in Kleinburg. Celebrating with friends and family, surrounded by old growth trees, white lattice and picket fences all made for a truly romantic chic garden setting.

After the ceremony in the Quaint, candle lit chapel, we spent our photography time roaming the property. The day was so beautiful and the grounds so lush, we didn’t feel the need to travel anywhere else.

Since Andrea and Louie would be moving to Germany shortly after the wedding, it was most important for them to create a day where they could truly be present and surround themselves with love from their friends and family.

From the Bride:
We didn’t leave the dance floor all night! We had such a blast! Our friends and family definitely made the night for us.
Throughout the night, we received so many compliments about how much love there was in the room, which could not have made us happier.

Best moment of the day:
Andrea: when I realized that we bought each other the same card. It was just a basic love card that had no wedding symbolism on it, making it even more strange. It was a beautiful sign that had a huge impact in the starting of the day.
Louie: when the doors opened and Andrea walked into the chapel, it felt as if everything around us was still. It was a such a beautiful moment for me.