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Enchanted Bohemian

Toronto wedding vendors create an Enchanted Bohemian style shoot, take a look…

…Inspired by the free-thinking, imaginative and captivating Bohemian spirit, this “Enchanted Bohemian” wedding style shoot resonates personally with ChriLee Photography and Wonder Chic Events , as with many of the handpicked collaborators. Set against a forest and greenery backdrop, on a hazy summer day, the spirit is restless, romance is in full bloom, and fresh ideas are abound at every turn.

A ceremony arch of delicate mixed material ribbon in jewel tones, including a shade named “Sangria” as an ode to the popular summer drink, with a dreamcatcher as the focal point, creates a bold contrast to the forest in the background. The floral crown and bridal bouquet of classic roses and wild flowers tucked in between, complement the mood and tastes of the Bohemian spirit, where the ‘freedom to be’ undeniably trumps perfection and precision.

A hand-drilled wooden swing lends itself beautifully to create a statement décor piece, and in this instance, as a surface to showcase 3 mason jars filled with colourful mixed floral. As the model comes into the picture, the swing takes a backseat, and it is the jewelry and headpiece that takes centre stage.

A dining table set up for six, with plates and drinking glasses adorned by Plate Occasions , mini antique accents such as the pocket watch and menu stand from Shab Antiques , flowers by Floral & Décor and cakes & favours by Mary Ann Rondinelli Wedding & Special Occasion Cakes complete the look and feel of this curated “Enchanted Bohemian” style wedding shoot. It speaks to the wanderlust who – on the one hand – longs to hold onto summer… while on the other, playfully anticipates fall’s arrival and its wonderment. Colours: Purple, red, sangria, yellow, green