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Engagement Photos -The Discussion Continues

We started the discussion about engagement portraits a few weeks ago. Turns out the Globe and Mail wanted to get in on it as well. Last Friday’s paper featured the story, “Just say no to cheesy engagement photos.

I love a good conversation about photography because ultimately there is no one correct answer when it comes down to what couples want. We are lucky here in Toronto to have so many photographers with unique and creative styles that engaged couples will have no problem finding the right photographer to capture their personalities.

Recently I came across these “Spark”engagement and wedding photos by Shawn Van Daele of Renaissance Studios and had to bring them into the conversation. Shawn has taken the engagement photo to a whole new level and, from the sounds of it, couples are loving them. Shawn transports his clients into a fantasy world that reflects each one’s distinct personality.

I asked Shawn how he came to this type of photography and here’s what he had to say:

“The days of the traditional mom-and-pop shot are behind us as we’re dealing with a whole new and adventurous generation of couples getting married. Marrying together the magical possibilities of Photoshop with traditional photography, we like to think these photos offer the couple a way of capturing how they truly feel.”

Let us know how you feel about the engagement photo. Write a comment below or, better yet, send us your session.

We were requested by the staff at Renaissance Studios to leave the watermark on the photos because their images have been appearing on other photographers websites. Please respect other peoples work, don’t steal it!

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