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Engagement Session At Scotsdale Farm

Wedding photographer, Kayla Yestal, shares Shanna and Matt’s lovely engagement shoot.

“This session is so near and dear to my heart, not only because Shanna and Matt are the type of couple who just emanate warmth wherever they go, but also because they are dear friends.

It’s always an interesting experience to stop viewing a couple from a friends perspective, and start viewing them from photographers perspective instead. Throughout this session, I kept noticing small little glances shared between them, the glow in Matt’s eyes every time Shanna dipped her head as she laughed, and every time Shanna would naturally reach for his hand as they were walking. They have such an ease and comfort around each other that was really a joy to be able to witness and capture throughout the evening.

Scottsdale Farm was such a perfect location for our shoot! Matt grew up close by in Caledon, and at the time of our session they were in the process of planning their wedding at a new venue in the area, Rainbow Valley Wedding Barn. The rolling fields and subtle rustic elements really pulled in their theme for the wedding and was such a great way to really build up the excitement for their wedding day even more!”