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Engagement Shoot By James Paul Correia

A stunning engagement shoot capturing a beautiful couple bathed in light.

Toronto wedding photographer James Paul Correia, took Melissa and Justin to the countryside and bathed them in beautiful light. The results of seeking a unique location and waiting for the perfect light resulted in these beautiful engagement photos the couple will have forever.

I asked James how he makes his couples feel so relaxed.. here is what he had to say.

“Not everyone is comfortable being in front of the camera, so I often start things out easy. I simply have the couple talk to each other. Not surprisingly, that makes them feel awkward. To talk to each other while someone takes your photo is weird! But very quickly they start to laugh about how awkward it is. And that is EXACTLY what I want. The laughter that stems from it all is the most natural smile any of us can give. I want my couples to laugh. I don’t want them to say cheese or smile because someone tells them to. I want them to make each other smile.

By making a photo shoot fun, we get to see more of the couples personality. It tells us a little about who they are, not just how they look. I don’t treat a photo session as a fashion shoot because most of my couples are every day people. I want to showcase them! Just put them in a nice spot and have them bring the best out of each other.”