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Something For The Groom – Garrison Bespoke

I had the great pleasure of meeting Michael Nguyen, owner of Garrison Bespoke, last week. Michael has created the ultimate destination for any groom looking to invest in a bespoke suit for his wedding.

At The Wedding Co. we strongly believe a wedding is the time for every man to purchase a bespoke suit. At Garrison Bespoke everything is hand-crafted to fit perfectly. They will ask you questions, not only about your wedding but also about your lifestyle, to make sure the final product is perfect for your special day, and every day after.

Visit The Wedding Co. Spring Show for your chance to win a custom-made shirt from Garrison Bespoke. I can assure you, once you have experienced a custom-made shirt, you’ll be hooked.

Garrison Bespoke Garrison Bespoke Garrison Bespoke
Garrison Bespoke
Garrison BespokeGarrison Bespoke

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