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Just in time for paper week, we heard about Paperless Post. The latest in electronic invitations is definitely a step towards the posh when it comes to look and delivery.

By Stephanie Wright

envelopeWhen the envelope arrives in your inbox, complete with the official Paperless stamp and your name, it’s as close to the real thing as you’re going to get. The sense of anticipation when you ‘open’ it just about equals the rush of opening a calligraphed envelope you’ve discovered in your mailbox. It has the promise of something significant.

I’ve had so much fun the past two weeks co-planning a Girls’ Night Out for my friend, Gillian, whose wedding is this summer. Because my co-planner is in Cambodia, we’ve left the details to plan when we can meet for a glass of wine and talk face to face. To give everyone fair warning, we put together a Save the Date on Paperless Post – the overall theme of the night and our destination will be revealed when we send out our invitation in a week or so. I’m hoping that our Save the Date will inspire a little excitement and anticipation for the event as well as ensuring as many guests as possible.


Designing our Save the Date and invitation was so much fun, the best part being that you really can’t go wrong despite the huge selection of great paper, motifs and fonts.

PP works on snail mail’s stamp system. You are awarded a certain amount (it may still be 25 but it’s going to drop to 12) when you sign up for a free account. You are also awarded stamps for getting your friends to sign up and for every month you remain a member you get an additional 12. You can play to your heart’s content on the site creating and re-creating, setting up an address book and tracking your invitations all free of charge. And when you need to buy new stamps, they come in rolls of 60 to 500, 200 sell for $10US. Compared to the other electronic mail sites, PP is pretty user friendly, although it took me a little time to be familiar with the address book navigation but it doesn’t yet offer customization with personal photographs.

Personally, I would love to be able to customize the colour of the envelope and its lining, I’d also love to be able to send ‘the suite’ as stationers call the full collection of inserts for a significant event: directions with a great map, ideas for hotels and restaurants, and additional details I’d like to share with my guests. But maybe that’s just me.

In the end, PP isn’t the same as receiving an embossed card you can post on your fridge or tuck in your diary but it does attempt to close the gap between the efficiency and eco-friendly benefits of email and the significance of the beautiful invitation in the mail.

A few of the great motifs you can add to your invitations
A few of the great motifs you can add to your invitations

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