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Into The Urban Jungle

Amanda and Markus gave welcomed their guests into an urban jungle.

Toronto wedding photographer, Anastasia Giaouris of Olive Photography describes this lovely couple and their urban affair.

“Amanda and Markus’ downtown Toronto wedding day at Distillery District’s Airship37 was first and foremost a day of love – both between the two of them, and amongst everyone who was there.

They had so many relatives who visited them from around the world who, along with everyone else in attendance, had such affection and adoration for this sweet couple. It’s no wonder, they are two of the kindest, most thoughtful people you will ever meet.

Their wedding was also a wonderful reflection who who they are and what means most to them, with tonnes of personal touches. They put so much of themselves into this wedding. For example, Amanda made the candle wedding favours (she runs an exceptional all-natural soy candle company called Woodsmoke & Olive), her and her bridesmaids & family made the pies, cake and treats on their dessert table, her mother did all their bouquets and centrepieces, her maid of honour did all the calligraphy, a friend made the invites and they infused their own personalty and aesthetic throughout all aspects of the day.

It was amazing to see how people came together to help make this day as personal as it was.”

From the Couple!

What is your wedding theme and colour palette?
We didn’t have a set theme in mind I guess if we had to name it, it would be urban jungle. We loved the look of lots of fresh greenery but wanted a cool relaxed modern/city vibe that fit our style. Colour palette would be greenery (ferns, rosemary and moss) with berry colours – deep plum and maroon, and brown glass that fit with the fall season, with accents of grey, black and white to keep it modern and not too rustic/farmhouse feel.

Favourite wedding moments?
Amanda: There were so many amazing fun moments of the day it’s hard to choose just one. But for me (as cheesy as this may sound) my favourite moments were any time I was with Markus, particularly during our ceremony just before our vows holding hands looking at each other. For no reason that I can explain, I was a nervous wreck the whole morning before the ceremony, tearing up really easily, except once I saw Markus for our first look. I got nervous again right before the ceremony waiting around and was shaking like a leaf before walking down the isle
As soon as I got to Markus and held his hands I felt so calm and all the nerves associated with “all eyes on you” just melted away.

Markus: One favourite moment was our first look, seeing Amanda for the first time that day before the ceremony. Other moments would be Amanda’s brother’s kind words during our ceremony that made me tear up, and conversely my dad’s speech that made everyone in the room crack up.

Anything else you’d like to share?
Amanda: Everyone always talks about how their wedding day is the best day of their life. As we got closer to our wedding day and the stress started to build I really kept thinking maybe we should have eloped and saved us money and stress. However after going through it, I totally understand it now. I’ve never before been surrounded by so much love and support. The love and support our family & friends showed us by donating their time and talents which I will forever be grateful for, and just the happiness everyone showed us on that day was SO worth it. It was just magical. It was the most fun day and I’m still feeling all warm and fuzzy about it. And while I’m sure we will have many amazing days in our life together, this will be one that stands out that I will never forget.