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Irini & Marshall Part 1

There were so many beautiful photos from this e-session we split it up into two features.

Here is the must read love story and photos by Olive Photography.

“Marshall and I went to Western together and finished the same business program. We knew each other in university but we only really connected about 3 years ago when we both moved to Toronto post graduation. We were both newly single and both swiped right on OK Cupid. We are an OKC success story! I thought it was all hilarious.

We went on our first date and I thought Marshall remembered me from university (like I remembered him from class) and about 30 min into our date I realized he had NO idea who I was. 3 bottles of wine into our date we sorted it all out. 3 months into dating I went up to Muskoka to his family cottage, met his family, and on our drive back in his 1990s bright yellow mustang I decided I’d marry this guy…as he was singing John Legend’s ‘All of Me’ from the top of his lungs. 3 years later Marshall proposed and we started planning our wedding.”

“When thinking back, I do remember Irini from class together, but I will admit, I had no clue who she was on our first date. But when a cute girl “hearts” your profile, it can only mean good things! After realizing we had mutual friends, I couldn’t help but bring it up on our first date… only to begin the journey down the rabbit whole of what was the origins of our modern love story!

Irini says she fell for me when we were driving back from the cottage later that summer, but the truth is, she first fell for me at the end of our first date together. We were walking back to her apartment at Church and Wellesley (the heart of the village), and there were a lot of unsavory drunk and homeless individuals wondering the streets. I turned to her and grabbed her hand and said “I’m never letting you walk home alone again”! From there our adventure took off together as we began to discover what made each other tick.”

Tune in Friday to see part #2 of this beautiful engagement session.