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Irini & Marshall Part 2

More romantic images by Olive Photography from Irini & Marshall’s engagement session.

Anastasia from Olive Photography capture so many beautiful photos of this fun loving couple and their dogs we had to split it up into two features. Click here to see part one.


Photography: Olive Photography

  • 09/08

    Irini & Marshall Part 1

    There were so many beautiful photos from this e-session we split it up into two features. Here is the must read love story and photos by Olive Photography. Irini: "Marshall and I went to Western together and finished the same ...Read More
  • 02/08

    Back To Nature

    For the couple inspired by all of Mother Natures beauty. In the age of social media I firmly believe there is a movement to get closer to nature. Couples are trading in the fancy hotels, cars and motor boats for ...Read More
  • 31/07

    Carpet Factory Engagement Shoot

    It's all about access! Anastasia from Olive Photography takes us to one of her favourite photoshoot locations for Tiina and Greg's engagement shoot. Anastasia describes the day... ..."I’d actually emailed with Tiina a few times before she was even engaged ...Read More

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