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James Frodyma Toronto Cinematographer

Have you met James Frodyma? If not, let me introduce you …

James is a Toronto-based wedding cinematographer. He has been filming weddings for six years. He loves filming couples who are madly in love, while trusting him completely to handle all the creative aspects of the film-making process.

His favourite part of the job is to see the faces of the couples when he first screens their video for them. “Seeing the excitement in their eyes as they watch the film, and their widening smiles, is such a wonderful feeling and validation that I’ve created something personal and beautiful for them.”

James has been described as a “cinematic ninja”, meaning he is completely unobtrusive. Most of the time his couples don’t even know he is there. This is one ninja I would personally like to invite to my wedding. Take a look.

Eric + Jacqueline from james frodyma on Vimeo.

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