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Jenny & Mason’s Rustic Wedding

Toronto photographer, Jennifer Newberry, shares Jenny & Mason’s rustic affair.

How Jenny & Mason met:
Mason used to work at a hockey pro shop, and Jenny went in with a friend to get her ice skates sharpened for a school event. Mason sharpened her skates, and asked for her phone number. Jenny turned him down! Later, Jenny returned to the store to pick-up her skates, and Mason asked for her phone number again and she gave it to him. Mason says it was love at first sight! They went to All Star restaurant for their first date. 2 years later, Mason proposed!

The proposal (in Jenny’s words):
We couldn’t spend Christmas day together so we went for a walk together boxing day morning in Fairy lake, we walked over a bridge and Mason told me a story about how he used to go there when he was a kid with his dad to catch frogs and next thing I know he’s down on one knee in the snow holding out my grandmothers engagement ring! When he asked my dad for permission to marry me my dad asked him if he would use his mother’s engagement ring.