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Jumping In Feet First

Take advice from Cara & Owen and head out of town for your engagement shoot!

“There’s no place more ‘us’ than our cottage. We bought our little oasis before even moving in together. Spending weekends up at the cottage that first year made it easy for us to envision a life with one another. About half a year later we moved in together full time, a few months after that we were engaged. Our cottage was the start of a lifetime of commitments.

When our photographer Angie asked us to think of a meaningful place to do our engagement shoot only one place came to mind — The Cottage.

While our sunset shoot was incredible, waking up early to take a few more snaps amidst the morning fog made the total experience all that more memorable. The cold morning air hits the warm water to create an instantly romantic and artistic backdrop. And although not necessarily morning people, Angie’s passion for the beauty around her, our collective sense of humour, and our coffee got us going.

Besides the incredible scenery, there are some benefits that come with shooting in your own space. Not only were we instantly comfortable in our home-away-from-home, but spending quality time with our photographer (and her adorable dog) outside of photo-taking, made our photoshoot time all that more relaxing and enjoyable.

Even if you don’t own a cottage, we recommend renting one. Take a weekend away together to relax before the wedding planning really kicks off. If you’re lucky, your photographer will tag along. If she does, not only will you have a chance to capture some beautiful pictures, but you’ll have a blast doing it.

Lastly, don’t shy away from jumping in feet first… consider it practice for the wedding day!”