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Let them eat cake!

We love, love, love this faux ‘cheese’ cake in place of a traditional wedding cake


Because we’re talking a little about themes at the moment, we thought a photo of the week should somehow tie in. So, this may not be obvious, but to us, this beautiful stack of ‘cheese’ by Roxycakes illustrates just how creative we can all be when we let our imagination wander.

Last year, we reported on a real wedding where the couple bent the rules for traditional wedding cake, offering their guests rounds of their favourite cheeses in the place of a cake, but stacking them in the style of a traditional tiered wedding cake. This creation, made by local cake designer Roxy, is a lighthearted stab at our preconceptions of what cake, cheese and cheesecake for that matter, really look like. Not only would this utterly original creation work at a cocktail party to play on a sophisticated wine and cheese theme but it would also make a great centrepiece at a non-traditional setting, where everything may not always be as it seems!

This post continues with a real wedding story…

… from the archive

A dessert fit for a fall fête

The Wedding Co. knows of three separate couples who recently chose to turn the traditional wedding cake into something that better suited their personal taste buds. Keeping the shape of the tiered creation, they tossed out the flour and eggs and 090226_cheesecake2replaced them with their favourite varieties of cheese. No less fabulous then a real cake, this is a brilliant example of something ordinary transformed into a personal creation: the perfect addition to an elegant wedding feast and especially suited to a rustic autumn setting.

This cheese ‘cake’ consisted of 7 layers of different cheeses and weighed about 100kg. Once cut and tasted by the bride and groom, it became a cheese plate for their guests to enjoy too. We loved that on each cheese a flag was used to detail its name and characteristics. The cheese was sourced and stacked by caterer, Mark McEwen, who garnished it with fresh figs. It was an experience for all the senses.

The cheese wedding cake can be created by the bride and groom as well. One couple spent a morning together tasting and selecting cheeses at their local farmers’ market. If this is something you’d like to try, good cheese boutiques will help you decide which cheeses work well together and tell you how best to store your purchases. Creating the cake can be meticulous or messy but putting harder cheeses at the bottom will help maintain the tower shape. Of course, you can always have fun choosing the cheeses and then turn the project over to your caterer.

Wedding Planner Melissa Haggerty, Spectacular Spectacular
Photo by Storey Wilkins Photography

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