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Lindsay & Tom Wed At The Steam Whistle

A lovely day at a downtown brewery.

Toronto wedding photographer, Nikki Mills , shares Lindsay and Tom’s urban affair. Nikki asked the couple a few questions about their day…here’s what they has to say.

1. Why did you choose your venue?
When Tom and I were living in England (where we met), I brought him home to Toronto on vacation and one of the first places I took him to was Steam Whistle Brewery. He loved it so much, we went back a second time that same visit. Since we moved to Toronto, it’s been a place we go to regularly and take visitors to. We love the Steam Whistle brand, their commitment to green business practices, their approach to their product, and how they’ve grown such a dedicated community. We’d long talked about getting married at Steam Whistle because we love the brand and the venue’s place in Toronto history, how they’ve developed it, the flexibility of the space, the fact that it required little-to-no additional decor, the large patio, the convenient location for locals and out-of-town guests, and the fact that brewery tours are available during the event. We wanted something super casual, no fuss, and really fun, and that’s exactly what we got. And while, as locals, we’re used to the CN Tower, our out-of-towners were completely obsessed with the view of the Tower from the patio, and the fact that it was “right there!”. All of our guests loved the brewery as much as we did.

2. What is your most memorable moment?
We kept things very casual and did photos outside on the patio together and with our families before guests arrived, then hung out on the patio drinking and snacking with everyone as they got there, and then after about an hour, we gathered everyone for the ceremony. We were just about to do our final family photo with us sitting on a picnic bench and our entire family behind us, when our first two guests arrived. Nikki got this great photo of our family totally focused on taking the photo, while we’re both distracted, super excitedly looking over to where our friends were. The first two people to arrive were our university friends, one who lives in Taipei and the other who lives in Oslo. We hadn’t seen them in many, many years and we were so excited that they were able to make it from so far away. That moment was the best way to kick start the party.

3. What was your most unexpected moment?
Our older relatives dancing it up to Lil’ Jon “Get Low”.

4. Is there anything you would change?
I would have asked Food Dudes for a doggy bag. We had several food stations instead of a sit-down meal, and I managed to make it to almost all of them. I wanted to keep eating because the food was just so good, but I was too full. I would have loved to have had some of the mac and cheese or mushroom risotto in the morning! On the other side, Tom barely ate anything all night because he was talking to everyone and was too polite to dash away for food (whereas I regularly ran off to eat – my friends know me well enough not to have minded). It would have been great to have a doggy bag for Tom to have eaten as well.