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May and Patrick’s 40th Anniversary

We’re so excited to share May and Patrick’s 40th Anniversary photos with you today, a wonderful milestone definitely worth celebrating.

Toronto wedding photographer, Sandy Tam, describes the time she spent with this inspiring couple.

“This particular submission is a special one to me. I am primarily a wedding photographer but on the rare occasion, get opportunities to shoot some fabulous and unique photo sessions. When I was approached to shoot a 40th Anniversary, it was an immediate YES. 40 years is a huge milestone and I was eager to meet this couple and learn about their secrets to a successful marriage!

We chose to shoot in their custom built home in Pickering. Patrick designed the home and they have lived there for 31 years. We knew it would be a great representation of them and their lifestyle. May and Patrick showed us the few items that they had kept from their wedding 40 years ago – her wedding gown (which to my surprise, was pink!), their wedding guestbook, the brooch she wore, their wedding bands and their framed wedding photo. She mentioned that their wedding was very simple, nothing like the weddings we see nowadays. At the time, he didn’t even propose with an engagement ring.

Throughout the photo session, I kept asking them “so what is the success to your marriage?” and they kept answering with a giggle. I repeated my question in a more serious manner. Patrick gave me a shrug and continued to hug her wife. And then I realized, THAT is the success to their marriage. Love, humour and knowing how to keep things light!”