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Mazel Tov Sarah and Naomi!

When I worked as a wedding photographer, I spent many summers shooting weddings at the Enoch Turner Schoolhouse. I always loved the intimate feeling of the schoolhouse and it’s charm.

So when photographer Jon Thorpe sent me photos of this recent wedding, I just had to find out from Sarah and Naomi what was it about this historic schoolhouse that made them want to get married there.

Sarah and Naomi said they knew right away it was the right spot for them. “It had everything that we wanted in a venue,” they explain. “It’s a beautiful historic building with fantastic Gothic details. Plus, it’s right downtown, close to transit and was the perfect size for our wedding.”

I always like to find out the couple’s most memorable and unexpected moments of the day and, in this case, I loved what Sarah and Naomi had to say. “Our most memorable moment was in the late afternoon, and the hall at the shoolhouse has windows facing west, so there was this beautiful light streaming in as we said our vows,”.

“The most unexpected moment also happened during the ceremony,” they continue. “Our guests let out a big cheer after Naomi broke the glass [a traditional Jewish custom] at the end of the ceremony.”

Mazel Tov, Sarah and Naomi!

Photography: John Thorpe Photography
Venue: Enoch Turner Schoolhouse
Dresses: Made from modern wool tartans from House of Edgar
Naomi’s dresses: Custom made by Ray Wong
Sarah’s dress: Sarah made her own with a little help at the end from Ray Wong
Fascinators: Emily Clark
Rings: UK jewellery designer Shaun Leane
Flowers: Pink Twig

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