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Only 4 Weeks Until Michelle Dubé’s Wedding

CTV’s News at Noon and News at Six co-anchor, Michelle Dubé and her fiancé Mark are only 4 weeks away from getting married. With the wedding so close, I asked Michelle a few questions about the planning, bachelor parties and what she is looking forward to the most, here is what she had to say.

Michelle Dube wedding

What do you have left to do? 

As much as I’ve felt like we’ve been on top of things (we got engaged in March 2012 and have had plenty of time), it seems there’s still quite a bit to do. I have to touch base with all the vendors to finalize details. We have to order the ceremony programs, shoot and edit a video for our entrance into the reception, write our wedding speeches, select music, and create a detailed timeline for the entire day. It’s busy but not impossible. I’ve decided I am just not going to get stressed out!

What are you looking forward to the most? 

There is so much planning going into one single day, so I truly hope to savour every moment. However, to be honest, I think I’m most excited for the moment when dinner is over and the party really gets started. I can’t wait to let loose and celebrate with Mark and all of our favourite people in the world.

What has been the most difficult task planning the wedding?

Without question, the guest list. Even after we sent out the invitations there were some issues, but alas, if that’s the worst, I’ll take it!

What has been the most memorable part of planning?

I’ve fully enjoyed all the extra time spent with loved ones. Planning has brought both our families closer together and I’ve loved how involved and excited everyone has been. I should also note, the dinner and cake tastings are a close second (way too much fun)!

Did you have a bachelorette party? 

Oh yes! Seven friends and I are off to Las Vegas at the end of August. My lovely Matron of Honour has helped organize the whole affair. The plan is exactly what you’d expect from a trip to Vegas… maybe read some books, check out a convention or two..LOL

Did Mark have a bachelor party?

Mark had a few bachelor parties actually. He went to Vegas with co-workers, as well as Boston with another group of friends. He had an absolute blast, as did his friends… at his expense. I’d love to include pictures but Mark has forbidden me from doing so.

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