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Three Months Until Michelle Dubé’s Wedding

CTV’s News at Noon and News at Six co-anchor, Michelle Dubé, is getting married three months from today. As part of our ongoing feature, I asked Michelle to share the best part of planning her wedding to date and, I have to say, I loved her response.

” I just love how the planning process has brought our families and friends closer. I’ve shared special moments with my Mom, like finding the dress, and I’ve been able to spend more time than I might normally have with my bridesmaids. As well, it’s been so much fun sharing the experience with Mark’s family. His nieces have been growing their hair for the big day and it was really special shopping for their dresses.

“Watching Mark’s nephews get fitted for their little kilts was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. They also have no idea what being ring bearers entails, yet couldn’t be more excited. I overheard them saying to each other, ‘we’re going to be the ring bears’; I think they first thought it involved actual bears!

“Two families coming together, that’s what I’m most excited about. I can’t believe there are just a few months left!”

P.S. They still haven’t solved the guest list issue but have made some progress. More from Michelle and Mark’s wedding on July 21st.

Michelle Dube wedding

Photo By: Mark O’Neill

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