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Modern Day Factory Girl

Modern Day Factory Girl by Behind the ‘I Do’ Wedding Planning Services .

The inspiration behind this styled shoot was sparked by our obsession of the chic city-girl lifestyle captured through white-themed snapshots on Instagram.

We wanted to create a styled photoshoot that would reflect the styles of these Instagram-famous, aesthetically driven bloggers. We focused on two trends that we found to be consistent throughout the feeds – minimalism and industrialism. We married the crisp whites of minimalism with the raw materials of industrialism to create the beautiful backdrop of our Modern Day Factory Girl styled shoot.

Our main objective was to create a timeless yet unique, elegant aesthetic with thoughtfully placed pops of industrial accents to bring vivacity throughout the space. The juxtaposition between the airiness of minimalism with the weight of the industrial elements created a striking balance of delightfulness and charm. The colour palette was primarily focused on neutral tones of white and grey with fresh greens to break up the monochromaticity and to add touches of earthy elements.

The key in staying within a neutral colour palette without being “too plain” is to create dimensions through a mix of textures, patterns and finishes – for example, using frosted accent plates against solid white linens and having accents of stainless steel salt and pepper shakers against the exposed concrete walls of the venue. To play up the minimalist motif we selected a stunning plain white dress with a timeless silhouette that any fashion blogger would adore. The open-back and train add dashes of drama and modernity without the use of ornate embellishments. The jewelry was kept to delicate pearls to contrast against the structured neckline of the gown. We also styled the dress with a translucent white sash to add some softness as an alternative.

Crafted paper florals were also used for her bouquet to tie in a pop of industrialism in her ensemble. While in keeping with the clean, lofty backdrops, we decorated the tablescapes with splashes of metal, glass and marble accents through the intentional selection of the décor we wanted to feature, careful not to overwhelm the table.

We chose to use a mix of greens and florals, embodied in the metal geometric terrariums and delicate glass containers, which were contrasted by the soft white dinnerware and polished metal flatware. A hint of marble was also incorporated in the accent corners of the table number. We really wanted to further accent the industrial materials so we designed and built a wood frame installation that was used as the seating chart. White mesh linens and delicate greens encased in glass containers were used to soften up the installation. The text was kept to a simple Serif font that was suspended within select frames, truly resonating the blended style of both minimalism and industrialism. The raw-wood finish with these timeless details celebrates the essence of our theme unifying humble materials, function and natural aesthetic.

The overall result was a beautiful trendy upscale industrial style with lots of open, minimalist backdrops, forming an elegant combination of styles from earthy to polished for that true industrial minimalist feel.