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Modern Romance

One bride, three looks.

A talented group of wedding professionals created a timeless, romantic modern style shoot to inspire today’s modern bride.

Photographer, Alix Gould describes the inspiration behind the shoot.

“Trends come and go, but romance is always is style. This beauty style shoot, has one bride styled in three different looks, and a different take not eh Modern Romance theme.

The first is daring and wild, the second sophisticated and elegant, and the third is feminine and light-hearted.

It shows how any wedding theme can be interpreted according to the bride’s own personality and personal style. The interplay of the gowns, hair, make-up and accessories combines into three unique and beautiful looks.”

Photography: Alix Gould
Hair and Makeup: Suzanne Cyr
Gowns: Catherine Langlois
Accessories: The Loved One
Rings: Attic Gold
Flowers: Cool Green and Shady

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