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On A Hot Day In September…

…Sara snd Jay hosted a beautiful affair at the Oakdale Golf & Country Club.

Toronto wedding photographer Shauna Heron describes this perfect day.

Ahhhhh Sara and Jay.. from the first time we met for their chill, High Park engagement session, to the wedding day itself. I think I fell in love with these two a little bit every time we met. They’re the real deal. Genuine, spontaneous, fun and absolutely gorgeous, both inside and out. They have families that are overflowing with love.

In Sara and Jay’s own words:

“Jay and I tried to be ourselves during the day and not let the nerves take over- being silly during the photoshoot, laughing and just taking it all in! We both HATE the heat, so it was a funny joke that it was actually the hottest day of the year (in Sept).

I remember looking out and seeing everyone just fanning themselves and dying of heat haha- let’s just say the ceremony did not drag on. Everyone we loved was on the dance floor the ENTIRE time that night-it was just amazing and at the end we all got into one big circle singing Don’t Stop Believing.

Picking out the songs for the ceremony stands out because we really wanted to walk down to songs that resonated with certain memories and matched our personalities. He’s a huge Beatles fan (we walked down to Carry That Weight) and I love musicals (wedding party walked down to Les Mis, and I walked down to Falling Slowly from Once). We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day and night, and we have our parents to thank for that!”