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Three Tips When Looking For A Photographer

After you have set your wedding date and booked a venue, it’s time to think about hiring a photographer. Keep in mind that many good ones can be booked as far as 12 months in advance — so don’t be afraid to put in the call stat.

Here are three key pieces of advice when choosing a photographer:

1. Hire an experienced wedding photographer, not a friend, your uncle or a fashion photographer. The family photograph is the most important photograph that exists and to not have your day properly documented will be disappointing to generations to come, you won’t regret it.

2. Make sure that, as a couple, you meet the photographer that will be shooting your wedding. Many studios have multiple photographers, each with a different style and personality. You’ll want to ensure that you’ll feel comfortable with the actual photographer who will be with you and your guests all day.

3. When you meet with a photographer, make sure they show you samples of both candid and formal photographs from the same wedding. Even if you’re looking for a documentary look to your photographs, you must have formal portraits done, too —the good photographers will have the skills to do both.

One final piece of advice: stay within your budget!

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Photography By:

1.Kamp Photography
2. Davina + David Photography
3.  Bragi Þór Jósefsson
4. E-Photography
5. Ikonica
6. Kamp Photography
7. Lauren McGlynn
8. Altmix Photography
9. 5ive15ifteen photo company

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