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Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Photographer Anastasia Giaouris hides behind cars, trees,and hot dog stands to get the shot!

Anastasia describes the process behind the proposal:

“I always get excited when someone reaches out about photographing a proposal. Proposal photography is somethin’ else. It’s getting to snap a moment in a couple’s relationship that is just so full of magic. The romance, anticipation, excitement – it’s all enough to make your heart skip a beat.

Jeremy got in touch with a really sweet proposal idea — He and Samantha met years ago while studying at U of T, and even though they have since graduated he wanted to take her back to the place where it all began.

His idea was to create a scavenger hunt for her. He would have a letter for her at each of the spots with clues for the next one. Each spot along the way had some significance to their courtship.

We met up before the day to go through his proposal plan, including walking through all the spots so I could scope out places to hide. (And so we could plan where they should stand so my lens could see and snap it all.)

On the proposal day I brought my super long lens so I could hide out of sight and snap away.
It was kind of funny – as they walked to the different checkpoints I hid behind cars, trees, walls – and even hot dog stands – to avoid being seen in case she happened to glance back. I hopped from spot to spot, and I have to admit I giggled a bit as I did so, feeling totally like a proposal photography spy.

At one point there was nowhere to hide to get a clear shot so I took a few photos and quickly turned around and photographed in another direction to make it look like I was just a random person snapping the campus scenery. It was pretty hilarious.And she didn’t notice!

…then came the big moment.

He led them to a super beautiful building and got down on one knee. Oh man, my heart leapt. She started to cry and smile and it was just amazing.

She said yes, and just like that, a new chapter in their life had begun!