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Secret Garden Styled Shoot

Inspiration from the ruins of an abandoned garden.

A group of talented wedding professionals welcome you into their Secret Garden to be inspired and find some great ideas for your garden wedding. Lucy Myers from Lucy Myers Events takes you into the minds of this creative group.

“A few months ago the team was discussing design trends and all agreed that terracotta was making a big comeback, so we knew we wanted to design something that focused largely on the use of terracotta; tons + tons of terracotta! We went on the hunt for items we could use, like the base of planters for our charger plates. We even designed broken terracotta cookies to really round out the design in all areas.

The inspiration behind the rest of the design really sprung from the location, which is an abandoned ruins garden at Grandview Golf Club in Huntsville Ontario that is overgrown with a garden of wild flowers and tall grass. We wanted the design to feel very raw, with an earthy organic look. With dozens of distressed terracotta planters, wild flowers, and vines displayed to look like they were growing up from the ground and growing around the table, we were able to make the entire set up look as if it had always been part of this abandoned and dilapidated stone cottage.

We love how naturally and simply the entire design came together, looking effortless while still standing alone as a unique concept. We opted to go with a non-traditional dress for our bride to help play on the garden theme, also giving her some greenery on her shoes to compliment the design.”