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Stephanie & Justin Wedding At Malaparte

A chance meeting at the Caribana Parade.

How they met:
Stephanie lives in Toronto and Justin in the United States. Stephanie was invited by a friend to the Caribana Parade, her initial response was that she was not interested but, eventually changed her mind. This was Justin’s first time attending the Caribana Parade as a tourist and it was here, by chance, he met Stephanie and their love story blossomed.

Description of their wedding:

Stephanie and Justin’s wedding is a modern and urban. With the gorgeous cityscape backdrop at Malaparte, their rooftop wedding images are reminiscent of chic, bustle, cosmopolitan downtown Toronto scene. The groom and the groomsmen are from the United States, they are a fun loving bunch. As tourists, they requested to take the groom and groomsmen pictures by the Nathan Phillip Square with the Toronto sign with the with hustle bustle crowd of public.