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Sweetheart Tree Topper

This cute topper from Oenopia is for the couple that once engraved their initials in a tree, or at least wished they did.

  • 02/12

    Engagement Session Giveaway!

    Nataschia Wielink is a Niagara based photographer specializing in weddings and engagement sessions. We are thrilled to announce that Nataschia is donating an engagement session to be given to one of The Wedding Co. VIP winners on January 14th at ...Read More
  • 30/11

    Just Married!

    Here is a great alternative to the traditional Just Married sign on the back of a car especially if you’re not driving anywhere! Visit the Ruffled blog to see this Australian Garden wedding in it’s entirety. Photography by:  Jonathan Ong.
  • 29/11

    Beautiful Bud Vase Ideas

    Bud vases are a beautiful way to decorate your wedding. Collect your own or ask you florist to order them and fill them with a unique selection of seasonal flowers. I love these 2 examples I found on Martha Stewart ...Read More

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