Time To Party!

Over the past two days we’ve featured Erin Sutherland and Ryan Bolger’s wedding and engagement shoot. Now it’s time for the party.

A year after their wedding and the passing of Ryan’s sister, Lindsay, Erin and Ryan hosted a celebration of their marriage. More than 200 family and friends attended the party, which was held in November at the Berkeley Church. It was a joyous occasion filled with great food, music courtesy of Ryan’s father’s band, dancing, speeches and a delicious sweet table that included locally made pies.

Sprinkled throughout the venue were 1001 origami cranes that Erin and Ryan had made in memory of Lindsay. These lovely tokens of love will live on in The Crane Chandelier Project, an installation made from more than 10,000 origami cranes donated by couples from all over North America, such as Erin and Ryan, to represent a loved one or as a symbol of patience, commitment and community.

The Crane Chandelier Project will be on display at The Wedding Show this coming January. The Wedding Co. will be donating more than $5,000 to the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, in the spirit of those like Lindsay, to help fight cancer. Please join us!

Photography By: Young Hearts Photography
Venue: The Berkeley Church
Dress: Dessy Group
Grooms Suit: Mexx
Bridesmaids Dresses: J.Crew

Hope & Sebastien

Sebastien Rake got in touch with The Wedding Co. about a month ago. He asked us about our Crane Chandelier Project and specifically if he and his fiancée, Hope, could donate a bunch of the cranes they planned to make and use for their wedding décor. Catherine and Stephanie G. were thrilled to hear that Hope and Sebastien would have 700 silver cranes they’d made themselves for our project and agreed to accept them once the wedding was over.


Wondering why they were particularly drawn to cranes at their wedding, we asked about the connection and Sebastien wrote in June: “The cranes came about because when we were first dating, Hope would leave cranes on my studio desk (we met in architecture school). I quickly figured out how to fold them, and started reciprocating. By the time we got engaged, we had around 250 cranes hanging around our apartment. We decided to set ourselves to the task of making 1001 for the wedding, and it’s been pretty rewarding so far…”

Last week, we received another little update from the couple: they’ve completed their 1001 cranes for their wedding and are now trying to find a way to string them together.


From their blog: Hope & Sebastien are getting married

February, 2009

….Hope and I went to see Radiohead in concert. The show was incredible. The music, the lights, and the rain all made for a very inspiring and emotional night. Hope and I were unfortunately separated during most of the show. During the first encore, Hope became overcome with emotion. While the crowd was shouting for a second encore, I found Hope. –And during the last song, as the band played the opening rifts of Paranoid Android, Hope turned to me to ask, “will you marry me?” I was pretty shocked. It was the end of an amazing show, and here, Hope just asked me to marry her. Not finding any words, I kissed her, with 10,000 people pressing around us. Of course I told her yes, and the last five minutes of the show were surreal. Smiles were plastered on our faces.