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Rayven & Ryan

When Toronto wedding photographer, Dan Osadtsuk, heard from his girlfriend that Rayven and Ryan weren’t going to hire a wedding photographer for their wedding, he knew he had to do something.

From Dan: Originally, Rayven and Ryan were going to opt to have no photography for their wedding. When I heard this, I did everything I could to fit it into their budget, which was limited. I was unsure of what to expect. While everything was low-key, it felt even more special for some reason. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but if you’ve been to a wedding in the morning, during the getting-ready phase, you know how stressful it can be. This was ENTIRELY different; everyone was smiling, or crying (tears of joy).

Although getting ready in the same house, Rayven & Ryan managed to not see each other ahead of the ceremony, which definitely allowed for some genuine emotion during the ceremony. Ryan is a tough guy, but I think I could just sense he was holding back a tear. 

The ceremony was short, and only lasted about 5-10 minutes. We then had ample time in the general vicinity of Gage Park in downtown Brampton to shoot to our heart’s content. They were nervous, excited, and exhausted all at once; again, an opportunity for some genuine emotion.

They had ZERO reservations of displaying their love in front of me, which I absolutely adored. There was no reception, nor speeches. They had a pot-luck dinner at their home in the backyard, which featured no decoration. Nothing was there to take away from their joy. They are such a fun-loving, natural couple, and I wouldn’t have changed that day in any way!

I was honored to pay tribute to what I felt was a very honest and loving wedding ceremony.

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Photography: Dan Osadtsuk,

Ceremony location: Gage Park in Downtown Brampton

Dress: Ours Everlasting Dress on ModCloth.

Corset: Burleska Corsets

Make-up: Rayven’s sister

Hair: House of Mann, in Brampton. (It’s my hair place from now on, it’s such a welcoming and wonderful environment)

Ryan’s suit: Custom tweed pants from Harry Suits, plain white t-shirt, plain white dress shirt, and leather suspenders.

Rings: Ryan’s ring was handmade by Naturaleza Organic Jewelry. At the time of the wedding, mine was temporary. Just a simple silver wedding band from The Bay. For the engagement ring, I had a simple sterling silver double knot ring, handmade by The Love Knot Shop. I gave the wedding band to my sister to keep (she was also my maid of honor) Now, I am sporting a beautiful set handmade by BandScapes. It’s sterling silver with a white sapphire stone, and resembles bands of leaves.

Flowers: White roses, bound together by a coper/steel wire wrap made by Ryan.

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