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Christine Lim

Today The Wedding Co. spotlights Toronto wedding photographer, Christine Lim.

3. What is your product or service and why is it appealing to Toronto’s newly-engaged couples? I’m a sentimental photographer who loves to document weddings.

4. What is it that makes your photography unique? My approach focuses on the experience of the day. The way the day unfolds on its own and the feelings felt is the story I want to tell.

5. What inspires you about photographing weddings? Being the photographer at weddings, I feel like I have special access into people’s most intimate moments – allow themselves to be their most honest selves in front of me. It’s something I deeply treasure. For me, I consider it the secret key that opens the door to imagery that makes you feel. I am so lucky to be entrusted to this inner circle, being present for every moment and emotion and freezing them in time to help my couples remember this day for the rest of their lives. All of this makes me feel the magic, every single time.

6. Describe your style. My approach to wedding photography along with my documentary style delivers an intimate and personal feel to my images. Kind of like if your best friend was a photographer, these might be the kind of photos she would take.

Photography: Christine Lim.

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