Happy Halloween Toronto!

We just couldn’t resist featuring this amazing sweater from the awesome Ivy & Aster label.

I would love to see the look on the mother of the brides face when her daughter slips one of these cool, skull cover-ups on when the day turns to night.

Ivy & Aster is available at White Toronto, not sure if they will carry these surprise back sweaters but it’s worth a call. 416.849.9169.

Click to see the entire 2015, Ivy & Aster collection.

Skull sweater_1

A Wedding At Cambium Farms

Toronto wedding photographer, Dallas Curow, sent us these beautiful photos, and a detailed description, of Lesley and Graeme’s cozy, DIY wedding at Cambium Farms…take a look.

Lesley and Graeme’s wedding day was breathtakingly styled by Jennifer and Jenna of The Event Room as well as the bride herself.  In fact, Lesley spent many months hand crafting many of the details for the big day, from the hand-painted signage to the homemade jam favours and delectable pies. By combing through antique markets and thrift shops, she carefully collected the many furniture pieces, vintage teacups, serving trays and flower vessels that decorated the cozy and rustic barn where their reception was held.

Cedar & Stone Floral Studio created a stunning array of florals for the ceremony and reception, and crafted a beautiful bouquet for the bride. The maid of honour, Jenny, provided many of the desserts from Glen Oven Café, the bakery that she runs.

Despite having about 80 guests in attendance, the day felt intimate and romantic in a rare and special way. I believe the couple’s personalities always set the tone for each wedding, so it made sense that Lesley and Graeme’s kind and gracious hearts would create such a warm atmosphere. A lot of love and handmade care went into making their wedding such a beautiful event.

Cambium Farms_21Cambium Farms_1 Cambium Farms_2Cambium Farms_0Cambium Farms_4Cambium Farms_3Cambium Farms_5Cambium Farms_7Cambium Farms_9aCambium Farms_9Cambium Farms_30Cambium Farms_11Cambium Farms_12Cambium Farms_13Cambium Farms_14Cambium Farms_15Cambium-Farms-Wedding-1013Cambium-Farms-Wedding-7387Cambium Farms_31Cambium Farms_16Cambium Farms_19Cambium Farms_22Cambium Farms_24Cambium Farms_25Cambium Farms_23Cambium-Farms-Wedding-8559Cambium-Farms-Wedding-1070

Reception & ceremony venue: Cambium Farms
Photographer: Dallas Curow
Caterer: Cabral Catering
Shoes: Nine West
Groom and groomsman: Surmesur
Flowers: Cedar & Stone Floral Studio
Dress: Creme Couture
Make-up: Dallas Curow
Hair: Fringe Hair Salon
Event Planner: The Event Room
Invitations: Minted
Officiant: Jim Matz
Jewellery: Banana Republic and J. Crew 
Bakery:  Glen Oven Cafe 


A Wedding at The Ocho Hotel in Toronto

Justine & Emmet were married at the Ocho Hotel in downtown Toronto last summer. I asked the couple a few questions about their urban, Toronto wedding, here is what they had to say…

What part of the city do you live in? We live on the Danforth, but I work on King West and we spend much of our time downtown, which is why an urban wedding was so important to us.

What do you both do for a living? I work in advertising as a brand strategist, and Emmett is a filmmaker.

What made you choose the Ocho Hotel? My morning streetcar ride takes me past Ocho everyday, and I’d long been curious about the space. Our wedding was small – less than 40 people including us – and we wanted something cool, intimate, something that didn’t scream ‘wedding.’ When, after several underwhelming visits to other events spaces in the city, I finally dropped by Ocho, I knew it instantly that it could be perfect.

What was your most memorable moment? Definitely the vows. Both Emmett and I wrote our own, but we didn’t share them with each other prior to the ceremony. It was almost eerie how similar they were. There were tons of happy tears.

What was your most unexpected moment? Emmett’s grandma’s serious polka moves.

Urban Toronto Wedding_1Urban Toronto Wedding2 Urban Toronto Wedding3 Urban Toronto Wedding4 Urban Toronto Wedding5 Urban Toronto Wedding6 Urban Toronto Wedding7 Urban Toronto Wedding8Urban Toronto Wedding10Urban Toronto Wedding11Urban Toronto Wedding12Urban Toronto Wedding12aUrban Toronto Wedding13Urban Toronto Wedding14Urban Toronto Wedding15Urban Toronto Wedding16Urban Toronto Wedding17Urban Toronto Wedding19Urban Toronto Wedding20Urban Toronto Wedding18Urban Toronto Wedding21Urban Toronto Wedding22Urban WeddingUrban Toronto Wedding23Urban Toronto Wedding24Urban Toronto Wedding25Urban Toronto Wedding26Urban Toronto Wedding28Urban Toronto Wedding29Urban Toronto Wedding31Urban Toronto Wedding32

Photographer: Wildeyed
Venue: Ocho Hotel
Dress & earrings: J.Crew
Hair & make-up: Jennifer Schulz
Emmett’s Suit: Indochino
Emmett’s glasses: He actually made them himself, by reassembling several different pairs he bought in Kensington Market.
Flowers: Blush and Bloom
Officient: Arran Liddel
Rings: Mine were from Anne Sportun. His was a quick Etsy buy!
Music: Kevin Evans of DJ Alpha
Cookie favours: Momofuku Milk

A Muskoka Wedding

Toronto wedding photographer, Niv Shimshon, sent us Lara Tobin and Michael Landzberg’s lovely Muskoka wedding…take a look!

Lara and Michael met briefly at a bar several years ago. Fast-forward a year or so, they met again when Lara was dating someone: one of Michael’s friends!

When Lara and said friend ended things, Michael and Lara continued to grow their solid friendship and ultimately their love. On a surprise trip to Boston – a place of special meaning for the two – with an itinerary full of Lara’s favourite things, Michael proposed to Lara. Saying yes was a no-brainer!

Engaged in March and wanting a summer wedding in Muskoka, Lara and Michael hit the ground running the minute they came back from Boston. With a five-month engagement came help. The group effort combined Lara’s work in PR, wedding planner Mona Ng, resident wedding planner Lara’s mom Victoria, Michael’s strategic approach and Michael’s mom’s energy, and with that they pulled off the wedding of their dreams! A sunny weekend in Muskoka was spent with friends, family, music, love and laughs. On their seating cards they included a quote: ‘Our Intent is all for Your Delight’. This could not have been more true in their planning and goal for their guests.

muskoka wedding_1 muskoka wedding_2 muskoka wedding_3 muskoka wedding_4 muskoka wedding_5 muskoka wedding_6 muskoka wedding_7 muskoka wedding_8 muskoka wedding_9muskoka wedding_10 muskoka wedding_11 muskoka wedding_12 muskoka wedding_13 muskoka wedding_14Muskokamuskoka wedding_16muskoka wedding_17 muskoka wedding_18 muskoka wedding_19 Muskoka_2muskoka wedding_20 muskoka wedding_20a muskoka wedding_20bmuskoka wedding_21muskoka wedding_22muskoka wedding_24muskoka wedding_26muskoka_3muskoka_4muskoka 5muskoka 6muskoka wedding_27muskoka wedding_28muskoka wedding_29muskoka wedding_30

Venue: JW Marriott Rosseau Muskoka
Planner: Mona Ng
Band: Dwayne Gretzky
DJ – Jon Davine, Jet Entertainment
Florist: Mode Function Event Design Ltd.
Photographer: Niv Shimshon Photography
Video: Big Ticket Productions
Wedding dress: Vera Wang
Bride’s shoes: Jimmy Choo
Groom’s suit: Versace
Groom’s shoes: Gordon Rush
Groom’s ring: Birks
Bride’s ring: Mark Lash
Hair: Visnja Tibljas,  Voulez Beauty Boutique
Makeup: Karen Breslin
Officiant: Rabbi Elkin

Mint Green & Gold Love

Toronto wedding photographer, Sarah Sharpe, sent us this lovely wedding that started at the The Walper Hotel  and ended, under the warm glow of little lights, at the The Chicopee Tube Park.

From Sarah: Brandon + Amanda are such a sweet couple! I had the privilege of getting to know Amanda through her work as a stationary artist last year, she owns a small local business called Forever Feather Designs.

On the morning of their wedding, black clouds stretched across the sky, and I wondered how my dear couple was feeling as the weather threatened a massive storm. But upon arriving at the gorgeous, downtown Walper Hotel; the Bridal suite was buzzing with laughter & excitement. The smell of hairspray filled the room and beautiful details were strewn across the tables. Amanda was filled with butterflies as she prepared the final touches, before saying “i do” to the man of her dreams.

Umbrellas were up as the couple walked down the isle, surrounded by trees in the woods of The Chicopee Resort. A passionate first kiss, sealed the deal and then the real fun began! A spread of delicious treats greeted the guests, along with an evening of touching speeches and dancing to a fabulous live band! Surrounded by windows, everyone watched as the rain poured down around us, inside the log cabin resort. It was magical. Twinkle lights filled the ceilings and made this cozy room filled with loved ones feel like a night to remember.

Mint Green and Gold Wedding_1 HotelMint Green and Gold Wedding_2 Mint Green and Gold Wedding_3 Mint Green and Gold Wedding_4 Mint Green and Gold Wedding_5 Mint Green and Gold Wedding_7 Mint Green and Gold Wedding_6Mint Green and Gold Wedding_7a Mint Green and Gold Wedding_8Mint Green and Gold Wedding_9Mint Green and Gold Wedding_11 Mint Green and Gold Wedding_12Mint Green and Gold Wedding_13 Mint Green and Gold Wedding_15Mint Green and Gold Wedding_16Mint Green and Gold Wedding_16aMint Green and Gold Wedding_16bMint Green and Gold Wedding_16cMint Green and Gold Wedding_17Mint Green and Gold Wedding_18Mint Green and Gold Wedding_19Mint Green and Gold Wedding_20Mint Green and Gold Wedding_21Mint Green and Gold Wedding_22Mint Green and Gold Wedding_23Mint Green and Gold Wedding_25Mint Green and Gold Wedding_24Mint Green and Gold Wedding_27

Photography: Sarah Sharpe Photography
Caterer + Venue : The Chicopee Tube Park
Getting ready hotel: The Walper Hotel 
Decorator/Planner : Bride & Groom
Bridal Gown: Taylor‘s Bridal
Bridesmaid dresses: Weddington Way
Groom + Groomsmen Ware: Moores, Toms, H&M
Hair: Sarah Cifuentes
Make up: Katherine Gray
Entertainment : The Urban Monks
Wedding Stationary: Forever Feather Designs
Florist : Bride
Eat, Drink and Be Married magnets: Groom
Cake Artist : Carmen Barquero