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Third Times A Charm

Daryl & Bree…how they came to be.

From Bree..

“I was set up by my sister which I was reluctant about, she had set me up twice before and bombed but they provided for some good laughter afterwards. With Daryl, it started off with her not giving me any details about him other than she’d been trying to set me up with him for a year.

He was her neighbuor so she was trying to find ways for us to ‘run into each other’ but it never seemed to work out. When she put a for sale sign on her lawn she knew she was running out of time and used her moving to lure us together but only a simple hello was exchanged. She chased after me as I walked to my car one day and asked if she could just give him my number. I agreed, reluctantly.

The man waited almost a week to call, I told her I was over it before it happened yet I kept my weekend open not confirming any plans. He eventually called and later told me he thought that was the right thing to do.

I suppose the saying third times a charm is true or at least in our story, my sister nailed it.

After years of the Toronto dating scene (do I need to say more?) Daryl was unlike no other, he has this charm about him. He’s that prince charming of the modern world, which some may think nauseating but after years of bad dating it was refreshing. I had begun to think that men were really just lazy and commitment confused. Despite all that I was still open minded and willing to try the unexpected and try yet another date.

He’s the man that still opens doors and insist he carry things, he does the dishes, he cooks, he’s clean, he always puts others first and makes everyone in his company laugh until their cheeks hurt and bellies ach. Really the list could go on and on. Just a few things that made me fall in love.

We have a love that is innocent and untainted (despite our past), in a world-wind of blissful love we dated for a year and were married in two. Some say too fast but why wait, the best wasn’t yet to come it had came.”