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Urban Engagement Shoot

Katarina Kuruc from Boakview Photography shares Jeff and Michelle’s engagement shoot.

From Katarina:

If we had to use one word to describe Jeff and Michelle it would be adorable! Their fun-loving energy and obvious adoration for each other is infectious, not to mention that they are hilarious and have us in stitches almost every time we meet. So it’s no surprise that when we asked them to tell how they met we couldn’t stop laughing. Here’s how it goes…

Jeff: She picked me up at a club!?

Michelle: You wish! That definitely did not happen! But seriously we know each other through Jeff’s sister in law’s rehearsal dinner. Wait no I think we actually met at my friend’s birthday party! Okay, so I admit there is some confusion as to how we met but either way we did meet and I did not pick him up at a club!

For Michelle and Jeff’s engagement shoot they wanted something simple and urban so we decided to take them for a walk through Fort York and City Place. Both Jeff and Michelle grew up in the city and felt that a true downtown Toronto experience would be reflective of their love for the city in which they fell in love. So on a chilly and snowy December afternoon, we strolled through the beautiful urban Toronto landscape and snapped the happy couple as they chatted, kissed, snuggled, and drank tea to keep them warm.