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Vintage, Chic Engagement Session

Melanie, Rick and their VW Bug

Melanie describes their engagement…

…”On August 31st, my summer was ending but little did I know a new chapter would begin. Rick decided to plan a three day trip for us to the Thousand Islands. Just like my attempt to navigate our house boat through the St. Lawrence River, I did not anticipate the twists and turns that would unfold that first day.

Rick suggested we watch the sunset before docking our boat for the night. So we anchored our boat out in the water and sat on the rooftop embracing the simplicity of what lied in front of us – the calmness of the water, the clear blue skies, the surrounding islands, and the warmness of the sun. It was just us, mother nature, and a glass of wine. Time passed seamlessly up on that boat and day was quickly turning to night. As the sun was setting, Rick suggested we capture that moment in a picture. I never thought he would be capturing an even more special moment. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and well he really left me speechless that day. After over a decade of friendship and almost 7 years of dating, we are finally tying the knot.”